FOIP request comes through – Alberta spills the beans on other agreements!

So, after submitting a request as specified under Alberta’s  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (commonly known as FOIP), I have received a package containing the actual agreements signed with France, Switzerland, Northern Ireland, and Australia.  The individual agreements are available on the page about Alberta’s agreements, or you can read the entire package (PDF, including some discussion with the relevant authorities outside of the actual agreements).

It should be noted that the agreements with Switzerland (signed in 2001) and Northern Ireland (signed in 2012) both specifically address the extra classes present in the European motorcycle licensing system (classes A1, A2, and A).

The agreement with Northern Ireland states that a holder of any Northern Ireland licence who has had that licence for less than 24 months will be placed in the Graduated Driver Licensing program, while a holder of either A1 or A licences who had held that licence for more than 24 months will receive a full Class 6 motorcycle licence in Alberta.

The agreement with Switzerland similarly specifies that any driver who has held a class A1 or A licence for more than two years will receive a full Class 6 motorcycle licence in Alberta.

So, I’ll be sending another correspondence to Alberta Transportation tonight!