Statistics, oh my!

I went a little bit overboard when finding Immigration Statistics to support the benefits of this request.  Statistics Canada has so much neat information!  It would have been better if they had a chart of immigration by nationality into each province.  Perhaps this is available by contacting Statistics Canada directly!

Previously, I had referenced an article from Ontario stating how the province expects that 375 residents from Australia will exchange their licences in Ontario every year as a result of a new agreement, but then I found the immigration statistics from Statistics Canada.  It’s worth noting that in the year that Ontario signed their exchange agreement with Australia (2010) that predicted 375 licence exchanges, there were under one thousand Australians who settled as permanent residents in Canada.  This figure is absolutely dwarfed by French settlement in Canada as permanent residents, with over 6,200 in 2012, and over 5,800 in 2015.  (Looking at the years from 2006-2015, French immigration into Canada is an increasing trend – links can be found on the statistics page.)

The statistics on the French side of things were much more general, and were only detailed in regards to the countries with the most nationals living in France.  I might be able to get in contact to ask for specifics regarding Canadian immigration.

Until I receive feedback, that’s all for now!

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